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2XD, 3XD & 4XD indexable drills available. Wide range of inserts with excellent all round grades which excel on stainless, and also grades excellent on aluminium and other non-ferrous materials.

What are indexable drills? 

Indexable drills can, on occasion, provide a more economical solution due to using multiple inserts which have a various number of cutting edges on each. Indexable drills will generally be used for shorter holes, up to 5XD, however can be longer. Drill diameters are more specific to holes required with only a little option to increase or decrease hole diameters. In some instances, indexable drills can be used for facing, boring & turning. 

What are the benefits of using an indexable drill? 

The benefits of using an indexable drill are numerous. It can reduce cycle time, increase penetration rates and friction-free drilling by producing higher quality holes with less chance for error because they don't require chips to be removed from the worksite or trimmed before being reinserted back into their original position.

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