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Spade drill holders & inserts. Premier cobalt TiAlN coated for good all-round performance, powder metal TiAlN coated for difficult to machine materials, carbide TiAlN coated for steels & hardened steels & more!

What are spade drills? 

A Spade Drill is a 2 fluted end cutting tool that holds a replaceable single point cutting insert with 2 cutting edges. They are used for deep hole drilling or producing larger holes. The insert in the holder can be changed very quickly, should you need to replace it at any time during the machining process, saving on downtime. Each holder can house inserts with different drilling diameters range, this makes them very versatile, you can simply change the insert to meet the required size of the hole you wish to drill. Various inserts are available to suit your material, from HSS general purpose, powder metal inserts to high performance carbide inserts. All inserts are universal and will fit most spade drills. 

What are the benefits of using a Spade Drill? 

Spade drills are versatile tools that offer time and cost savings when making holes. They are two-fluted, end-cutting tools that use a replaceable cutting insert. The insert can be easily replaced on the machine when it wears out, so no regrinding is necessary. Spade drills may be used in virtually any application where a traditional drill could be used. They enable users to drill many different diameter holes by simply changing the blade. That’s because when compared to indexable insert drills, the standard spade drill can be used with a broad range of inserts with different diameters. Another benefit of the replaceable insert design is that the tool holder can be made from less expensive steel, because the insert is what actually cuts the metal. In addition, spade drills offer a solution for effective coolant delivery. Coolant is introduced through the tool body to the drill’s cutting edge. This coolant-fed design enables drilling of depths up to 40 diameters.

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