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Spiral fluted toolholders hold 1 to 9 inserts in a comparatively small cutting diameter. The unique clamping method enables optimal indexability. This is a general purpose grade, which can be used with all materials.

The Spiral Mill-Thread family of indexable tools is a family of tools that use a spiral-based design. Each spiral-fluted tool holder contains anywhere between 1 and 9 inserts, in a comparatively small cutting diameter. This makes the tools well-suited for a wide range of applications: From machining minuscule components in small machining centers, to heavy-duty applications in high-power milling machines.


  • Spiral tools reduce vibration and chatter
  • High-quality finish is achieved in all applications
  • Tools allow for a smooth cutting operation at at high feed rates, reducing machining times
  • Unique clamping method enables optimal indexability