Internal ISO Kits

Mill-Thread tools for threading on CNC milling machines by using helical interpolation programs. Advantages of Mill-Thread Tools: Same toolholder and insert can produce both right-hand and left-hand threads. A single insert & toolholder can produce a given thread on many diameters (External & Internal). Prismatic shape of insert's tail ensures exact and reliable clamping in the toolholder. Most inserts are double sided, having two cutting edges. Thread is produced in one tool pass. MT tools can produce tapered threads. Improved productivity thanks to increased cutting speeds and multitooth type carbide inserts. Threading to one pitch of a shoulder in a blind hole. Longer tool life thanks to a special multilayer coating process. Lower tooling costs, considerably less expensive than using taps and dies. Since lower machine power is required, a smaller machine can produce larger threads in s single operation with less idle time and tool changes.

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