MTSB Mini Thread Mills UN

Carmex has developed a new, innovative range of solid carbide thread milling cutters, the MTSB type with internal cooling bore. The coolant bore provides high coolant pressure through the tool into the application pre-hole, and washes the chips away during the threading circle. The coolant liquid also cools the tool cutting edge very effectively. Excellent solution for: Small and deep threads. Thread milling operation on horizontal machining centers, where chips are concentrated at the bottom of the thread and external coolant can't wash the chips away. Complicated applications where external coolant is inefficient or can't reach the machined area. Case where the tool collet is close to the application pre-hole and blocks the external coolant. Features: Increased number of flutes for high performance, shorter cycle time and improved tool life. Working at high machining parameters (increasing productivity). Advanced PVD triple coating. Threads size: M1.2 up to M8. 0-80 up to 12-24 UNC. Carbide Grade MT7: Carmex's MT7 sub-micron grade with it's advanced PVD triple coating provides extremely high heat resistance along with smooth cutting action, delivering high performance under normal machining conditions.

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