Standard Kits

Threading Kits are a versatile solution for users that cut a variety of thread types in limited quantity and do not want to sacrifice thread quality. Inserts included in KEG & KEG-25 Kit 16ERA60P25C, 16ERG60P25C, 16ER0.75ISOP25C, 16ER1.0ISOP25C, 16ER1.25ISOP25C, 16ER1.5ISOP25C, 16ER1.75ISOP25C, 16ER2.0ISOP25C, 16ER2.5ISOP25C, 16ER3.0ISOP25C. Inserts included in KIG & KIG-25 Kit 16IRA60P25C, 16IRG60P25C, 16IR0.75ISOP25C, 16IR1.0ISOP25C, 16IR1.25ISOP25C, 16IR1.5ISOP25C, 16IR1.75ISOP25C, 16IR2.0ISOP25C, 16IR2.5ISOP25C, 16IR3.0ISOP25C.

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