Omega Products BT30 Synchro Tapping Chuck - ER16 - Capacity M3 - M12

Omega Products BT30 Synchro Tapping Chucks

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BT30 Synchro Tapping Chucks are designed to provide efficient and precise tapping operations in BT30 spindle machines. With their high-speed capabilities and robust construction, these chucks are suitable for a wide range of tapping applications. The synchro tapping mechanism ensures synchronous rotation between the chuck and the spindle, eliminating the need for rigid tapping or tapping cycles. This results in improved thread quality, reduced cycle times, and enhanced tool life.

Product SKU Taper Collet Size Capacity Clamping Range Gauge Length Form D1 D2 Comp. Exp. Price Stock
OM32382 BT30 ER16 M3-M12 1-10 79 AD 32 34 0.5 0.5 £164.34 2
OM32383 BT30 ER20 M3-M16 3.5-10 80 AD 35 34 0.5 0.5 £164.34 1