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Solid Milling

From general purpose to up to 70HRc solid milling cutters, for every application.

indexable milling

A wide range of face mill, high feed, 90° & more indexable milling systems & inserts.

Groove Milling

HSS-E woodruff cutters, solid carbide groove mills & indexable groove milling tools.

Chamfer Milling

Choose between solid carbide chamfer milling cutters or indexable cutters.

Slitting Saws & Arbors

A wide variety of HSS-E & carbide fine pitch or coarse pitch slitting saw cutters.


Shop our range of HSS-E or carbide countersinks & counterbores.

Corner Rounding

Shop our range of HSS-E or carbide corner rounding cutters & indexable cutters.


A wide range of solid carbide high-end Vortex engraving tools.

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Milling tools are essential for the precision machining of various materials. These tools are typically made of high-speed steel or carbide and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are commonly used in CNC machining centers, as well as in traditional milling machines. Some common types of milling tools include end mills, face mills, and ball nose cutters. These tools can be used to create a wide range of features on a workpiece, including slots, pockets, and contours. Overall, milling tools are a crucial component in the manufacturing process and play a vital role in achieving precise and accurate results.

Some of the most common types of milling cutters include:

  • End mills: These are typically cylindrical in shape and have cutting edges on the end and sides. They are used for drilling, contouring, and slotting.
  • Face mills: These have a large, flat cutting surface and are used for removing large amounts of material quickly.
  • Ball nose cutters: These have a rounded tip and are used for creating three-dimensional contours.
  • T-slot cutters: These are specifically designed for cutting T-shaped slots in workpieces.

All of these milling cutters play a vital role in achieving precise and accurate results, and are widely used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and manufacturing, in order to create a wide range of features on a workpiece, including slots, pockets, and contours.

Our Widin carbide end mills are known for their high-quality and durability. They offer a number of benefits, including:

High wear resistance: The carbide material used in the construction of these end mills is highly durable and resistant to wear, which means they can withstand high cutting speeds and heavy loads without showing signs of wear or tear.

Long tool life: The high-quality construction of Widin carbide end mills means that they have a longer tool life than other types of end mills, which can help to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

High precision: Widin carbide end mills are designed to provide high precision and accuracy, which is essential for applications that require tight tolerances.

Versatility: We offer a wide range of end mills for different applications, such as high-performance, general purpose, and specialised end mills, which makes it easy to find the right tool for a specific job.

Reduced costs: The long tool life and high precision of these end mills can help to reduce costs by reducing the need for frequent tool replacement and rework.

High-speed machining capability: Our carbide end mills are designed to withstand high cutting speeds and heavy loads, which makes them suitable for high-speed machining applications.

Variety of coating options: We offer various coatings options like TiAlN, AlTiN, TiN and others, that can further enhance their performance in specific machining conditions.