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CNC drills are a type of cutting tool used for drilling holes in various materials. They come in a wide range of types and styles to suit different drilling needs. Carbide drills are a popular choice for drilling hard materials as they are made of a hard, durable material called tungsten carbide. Spot drills are used for making a small divot or spot on the surface of the material before drilling. This helps to guide the drill bit and prevent it from wandering as it begins to cut. Centre drills are used for making a small hole at the centre of a material before drilling. They are used in situations where precise hole alignment is important. Stub drills are short and stout in design, they are used for drilling shallow holes in hard materials. Jobber drills are the most common type of drill bit, they are designed for general purpose drilling and come in a wide range of sizes. Spade drills are designed to drill large, flat bottomed holes and come with a wide, flat tip. Indexable drills are a type of drill bit that allows the cutting edge to be replaced when it becomes worn, as opposed to replacing the entire drill bit. This makes them more cost-efficient and extends their lifespan.

In summary, CNC drills are a diverse set of cutting tools that come in different types and styles to suit different drilling needs. They are used for drilling a wide range of materials, from hard to soft, and are essential for manufacturing, construction and DIY projects. Whether you need to drill small or large holes, precise or shallow holes, CNC drills have a variety of options to choose from. They are durable and efficient, making them a great choice for any drilling task.

Reamers are hole-making tools that are used to enlarge, smooth, and finish the interior surface of a previously drilled or cored hole. They work by cutting away small amounts of material and are typically used after drilling a hole to improve its size, shape and surface finish. There are several types of reamers, each designed to work best with specific materials and hole sizes.