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For general machining and metalworks, our wide range of CP Gratex deburring tools allows precise and high-quality finishing. We offer deburring blades, handles, ceramic deburring blades, HSS deburring blades, Carbide deburring blades, countersinks & more deburring tools to cover a wide range of applications. 

Deburring tools are commonly used to smooth out and finalise workpieces, removing rough edges caused by the machining process around edges and the interior of holes for a professional finish.

Simply put deburring tools are commonly used to smooth out and finalise workpieces. They remove rough edges caused by machining applications. This helps finish the job, as there will be no rough edges (burrs) to make the workpiece look ‘rough’ or unfinished and stops the possibility of someone cutting themselves along a rough metal edge.

All of our deburring tools have been carefully selected and tested, and we have partnered with CP Gratex, to offer some of the most advanced and high-performing deburring tools in the industry. 

CP Gratex was established in the year 1992. Over last two decades they have evolved to be the key player in deburring and countersink tools. CP designs, develops, and manufactures innovative solutions to deliver a top-class deburring experience.

Their growth in both India and around the world is due to their innovative design, top-class quality, responsive customer service and strong relationships.

In the year 2012, CP set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to meet growing demand for their deburring range. CP Grat-Ex Manufacturing Company' delivers top quality deburring tools from this brand-new facility housing the latest high-tech machinery and equipment.

Deburring tools are specialised tools used to remove sharp edges, burrs, and other unwanted material from the surface of a workpiece. These tools are used to improve the surface finish and safety of a workpiece, as sharp edges and burrs can cause injury or damage to equipment.

There are several types of deburring tools available, each designed to work best with specific materials and surfaces.

Hand deburring tools are the most common type of deburring tools. They are small, handheld tools that can be used to deburr a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. They come in various shapes and sizes, including chamfering tools, countersink deburring tools, and hand deburring files.