Omega Products BT40 End Mill Holder With Coolant Channels - 25,000RPM - G2.5 - 6mm Bore Size - 50mm Gauge Length

Omega Products BT40 End Mill Holders With Coolant Channels - 25,000RPM - G2.5

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BT40 End Mill Holders with Coolant Channels are specifically designed to provide efficient cooling and chip evacuation during high-speed machining operations. With a maximum speed rating of 25,000 RPM and a precision rating of G2.5, these holders ensure precise and reliable tool positioning for optimal cutting performance. The integrated coolant channels allow for the direct delivery of coolant to the cutting edge, effectively dissipating heat and prolonging tool life. This results in improved chip evacuation and reduced tool wear, leading to higher productivity and surface quality.

Product SKU Taper Bore Size Gauge Length Form Balance Price Stock
OM30757 BT40 6 50 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 3
OM30758 BT40 8 50 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 4
OM30759 BT40 10 63 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 3
OM30760 BT40 12 63 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 5
OM30761 BT40 16 63 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 3
OM30762 BT40 20 63 AD/B G2.5@25000RPM £56.71 3