Omega Products BT40 ER Collet Chuck - Mini Type ER11 - 20,000RPM - G2.5 - 70mm Gauge Length - Form AD

Omega Products BT40 ER Collet Chucks - Mini Type - 20,000RPM - G2.5

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The Omega Products BT40 ER Collet Chucks in mini type are designed to provide reliable and precise tool holding in BT40 spindle systems. With their compact size and lightweight construction, these collet chucks offer excellent balance and reduced tool overhang, resulting in improved machining accuracy and surface finish. The ER collet system allows for quick and easy tool changes, ensuring efficient workflow in high-speed machining operations. The chucks are capable of reaching speeds of up to 20,000 RPM, making them suitable for a wide range of machining applications. With a precision rating of G2.5, these collet chucks maintain tight tool concentricity and minimize runout, ensuring optimal cutting performance.

Product SKU Taper Collet Size Gauge Length Form Balance Price Stock
OM31334 BT40 ER11 70 AD G2.5@20000RPM £41.57 19
OM31636 BT40 ER11 70 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £50.92 16
OM31335 BT40 ER11 100 AD G2.5@20000RPM £41.57 29
OM31637 BT40 ER11 100 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £50.92 29
OM31638 BT40 ER11 160 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £82.17 23
OM30298 BT40 ER16 70 AD G2.5@20000RPM £41.57 19
OM31639 BT40 ER16 70 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £50.92 42
OM31336 BT40 ER16 100 AD G2.5@20000RPM £41.57 78
OM31640 BT40 ER16 100 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £50.92 31
OM31641 BT40 ER16 160 AD/B G2.5@20000RPM £82.17 18
OM30287 BT40 ER16 200 AD G2.5@20000RPM £103.00 6