Omega Products BT40 Anti-Vibration Face Mill Arbor - FMBAV16 - 8,000RPM - G6.3 - 200mm Gauge Length

Omega Products BT40 Face Mill Arbors Anti-Vibration - 8,000RPM - G6.3

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BT40 Face Mill Arbors Anti-Vibration are specifically designed to minimize vibrations and improve machining performance in high-speed milling operations. With a maximum speed of 8,000 RPM and a precision rating of G6.3, these arbors offer stability and accuracy while reducing the negative effects of tool vibrations. The anti-vibration design features advanced damping technology that absorbs and dampens vibrations, resulting in smoother cutting action, improved surface finish, and extended tool life.

Product SKU Taper Spigot Size Gauge Length Balance Price Stock
OM33750 BT40 16 200 G6.3@8000RPM £311.32 2
OM33751 BT40 16 300 G6.3@8000RPM £466.98 3
OM33752 BT40 22 200 G6.3@8000RPM £311.32 3
OM33753 BT40 22 300 G6.3@8000RPM £466.98 2
OM33754 BT40 27 200 G6.3@8000RPM £311.32 3