Omega Products BT40 OZ Collet Chuck - OZ25 - 15,000RPM - G6.3 - 70mm Gauge Length - Form AD

Omega Products BT40 OZ Collet Chucks - 15,000RPM - G6.3

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BT40 OZ Collet Chucks are specifically designed for BT40 spindle systems and ideal for applications requiring high precision and stability. With a maximum speed of 15,000 RPM, these collet chucks can handle a wide range of machining tasks with efficiency and accuracy. The G6.3 precision rating ensures minimal runout, guaranteeing precise and consistent tool positioning during machining operations. The OZ collet system provides a reliable and secure grip on the cutting tools, preventing slippage and enhancing overall machining performance.

Product SKU Taper Collet Size Gauge Length Form Balance Price Stock
OM31572 BT40 OZ25 70 AD G6.3@15000RPM £59.50 5
OM31573 BT40 OZ32 80 AD G6.3@15000RPM £70.22 4