Omega Products BT40 Premium Power Milling Chuck - UPMC20 - 15,000RPM - G6.3 - 80mm Gauge Length

Omega Products BT40 Premium Power Milling Chucks - 15,000RPM - G6.3

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BT40 Premium Power Milling Chucks are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in milling applications. With a maximum speed rating of 15,000 RPM, these chucks are capable of handling high-speed machining operations with ease. The G6.3 precision rating ensures precise tool positioning and reduced runout, resulting in superior machining accuracy. The premium power design of these chucks provides excellent gripping force and stability, allowing for efficient and precise material removal. The robust construction and high-quality materials used in their manufacturing ensure durability and longevity, even under heavy-duty machining conditions.

Product SKU Taper Gauge Length Balance Price Stock
OM30797 BT40 80 G6.3@15000RPM £173.18 20
OM30798 BT40 90 G6.3@15000RPM £184.43 13