Omega Products BT50 DMC Collet Chuck - DMC10 - 25,000RPM - G2.5 - 150mm Gauge Length

Omega Products BT50 DMC Collet Chucks - 25,000RPM - G2.5

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BT50 DMC Collet Chucks are designed to provide precise and reliable tool holding for BT50 spindle systems. With a maximum speed of 25,000 RPM, these collet chucks offer high-speed machining capabilities for a wide range of applications. The G2.5 precision rating ensures minimal runout, allowing for accurate and consistent machining results. The DMC (Double-Margin Collet) design provides enhanced gripping force and improved concentricity, resulting in superior cutting performance and surface finish.

Product SKU Taper Collet Size Gauge Length Nose Diameter Clamping Range Angle Balance Price Stock
OM32325 BT50 DMC10 150 28 3-10 3 G2.5@25000RPM £137.72 4