Omega Products BT50 Drill Chuck Adaptor - JT6 - 12,000 RPM - G6.3

Omega Products BT50 Drill Chuck Adaptors - 12,000 RPM - G6.3

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BT50 Drill Chuck Adaptors are designed to provide versatility and flexibility in tooling options for BT50 spindle machines. With a maximum RPM of 12,000, these adaptors allow for high-speed drilling operations while maintaining stability and precision. The G6.3 accuracy rating ensures reliable performance and minimal runout, resulting in precise drilling and consistent results. These adaptors enable the use of various types of drill chucks, expanding the range of drilling applications and allowing for easy tool changes. Whether you need to drill holes of different sizes or use specialized drill chucks for specific tasks, the BT50 Drill Chuck Adaptors offer a convenient and efficient solution. They are built to withstand the demands of industrial environments and provide long-lasting durability.

Product SKU Taper Balance Price Stock
OM31147 BT50 G6.3@12000RPM £60.18 4
OM31533 BT50 G6.3@12000RPM £60.18 9