Omega Products BT50 Morse Taper Adaptor - MTA1 - 20,000 RPM - G2.5 - 45mm Gauge Length

Omega Products BT50 Morse Taper Adaptors - 20,000 RPM - G2.5

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BT50 Morse Taper Adaptors are designed to provide a reliable and precise connection between BT50 spindles and Morse Taper tooling. With a maximum speed rating of 20,000 RPM and a precision rating of G2.5, these adaptors ensure accurate and efficient machining operations. They are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control processes to ensure durability and reliability. The BT50 Morse Taper Adaptors feature a precision-ground taper that guarantees a secure fit and optimal transfer of power between the spindle and the tool. This allows for smooth and precise machining, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall cutting performance.

Product SKU Taper MTA Gauge Length Form Balance Price Stock
OM31148 BT50 MTA1 45 AD G6.3@15000RPM £62.49 3
OM31149 BT50 MTA2 50 AD G6.3@15000RPM £62.49 13
OM31150 BT50 MTA3 65 AD G6.3@15000RPM £62.49 14
OM31151 BT50 MTA4 95 AD G6.3@15000RPM £62.49 14
OM31152 BT50 MTA5 105 AD G6.3@15000RPM £68.28 11