Offer valid until the end of July 2024

Put your used/broken endmills to work one last time and save 50%...........

Send us your old worn out and broken endmills and we will give you a massive 50% off some shiny NEW replacements from our Vortex 4 Flute Square Edge range! Sounds like a great deal doesn't it! To take advantage of this great offer just download the excel sheet below, fill it out and save it to your computer, attach it and send it back us. Our sales team will then be in touch to confirm your order. It is really that easy! If the below form doesn't work then please contact our sales team and they will get the form across to you. The best way to download this form is to use google chrome.

How many endmills can you swap?

We have no limits as to how many you can swap but we do have a minimum order on this promotion of £150 and they have to be Carbide Endmills.

What size endmills can you swap?

Replacements will be for the sizes you send back i.e. Send back a 6mm and you will get 50% off a new 6mm. We will be accepting any sizes that are on the excel sheet that you can download above, so that will be between 1mm and 20mm. If you see a size that is not on our list for example 14mm we will accept it but it will be rounded down to the closest size, so in this case it would be a 12mm.

How do you order this promotion?

Unfortunately this offer is not available on our website, but our friendly sales team are here to take care of the orders. You can fill out the above form or send it back by email or if you prefer you can phone us and place your order.

What happens next?

Our sales team will then process your order and be in touch to finalise your order.

If you have any questions please contact:

Or ring us: 01732 887334