Omega Products DV40 Hydraulic Expansion Chuck - HC12S (Fig.1) - DIN69871 - 25,000RPM - G2.5

Omega Products DV40 Hydraulic Expansion Chucks - DIN69871 - 25,000RPM - G2.5

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These chucks are built according to the DIN69871 standard, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of machining centres and tool holders. With a maximum operating speed of 25,000 RPM, they can handle demanding machining operations with ease. The hydraulic expansion mechanism of these chucks allows for quick and precise clamping of cutting tools. By utilizing hydraulic pressure, the chuck expands evenly to securely grip the tool, providing excellent stability and vibration damping during machining. This feature contributes to improved surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and extended tool life.

Product SKU Taper Collet Size Nose Diameter Gauge Length Form Balance Price Stock
OM32156 DV40 12 42 50 AD G2.5@25000RPM £159.71 6
OM32161 DV40 12 42 50 AD/B + Cool G2.5@25000RPM £206.00 4
OM32157 DV40 20 50 64.5 AD G2.5@25000RPM £159.71 12
OM32162 DV40 20 50 64.5 AD/B + Cool G2.5@25000RPM £206.00 1