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We offer a range of drill chuck arbors designed to securely hold drill chucks in place during drilling operations. These arbors are made from high-quality materials and are precision-engineered to provide a reliable and accurate connection between the drill chuck and the machine tool spindle. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different types of drill chucks and spindle interfaces, and are compatible with a wide range of machine tools. Our drill chuck arbors are designed to withstand high-speed drilling operations and offer excellent accuracy and repeatability, making them an essential tool for any machining operation

Product SKU Morse Taper Taper Mount Price Stock
OM30086 MT1 JT6 £7.14 45
OM30087 MT2 JT6 £7.14 31
OM30088 MT3 JT6 £9.52 28
OM30089 MT4 JT6 £13.09 51
OM30090 MT5 JT6 £19.04 9
OM30091 MT1 B16 £7.14 7
OM30092 MT2 B16 £7.14 32
OM30093 MT3 B16 £9.52 34
OM30094 MT4 B16 £13.09 8
OM30095 MT5 B16 £19.04 10