Omega Products Bridgeport Collet (R8) - 2mm

Omega Products Bridgeport Collets (R8)

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Introducing the Omega Products Bridgeport Collets (R8) - the essential tool for anyone who needs to secure cutting tools in a milling machine. These high-quality collets are specifically designed to fit Bridgeport milling machines that use the R8 spindle taper, providing a secure grip on your cutting tools. The Bridgeport Collets are easy to use and can be switched out quickly, making them a convenient tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. They're perfect for use with a range of cutting tools, including end mills, drill bits, and reamers, making them a versatile choice for any milling operation.

Product SKU Taper Clamping Size Price Stock
OM31295 R8 2mm £12.73 5
OM31296 R8 3mm £12.73 12
OM31297 R8 4mm £12.73 14
OM31298 R8 5mm £12.73 10
OM31299 R8 6mm £12.73 4
OM31300 R8 7mm £12.73 5
OM31301 R8 8mm £12.73 3
OM31302 R8 9mm £12.73 7
OM31303 R8 10mm £12.73 9
OM31304 R8 11mm £12.73 8
OM31305 R8 12mm £12.73 11
OM31306 R8 13mm £12.73 8
OM31307 R8 14mm £12.73 2
OM31308 R8 15mm £12.73 9
OM31309 R8 16mm £12.73 6
OM31310 R8 17mm £12.73 10
OM31311 R8 18mm £12.73 12
OM31312 R8 19mm £12.73 2
OM31313 R8 20mm £12.73 3