Omega Products 16mm Bridgeport Face Mill Arbor (R8) - G6.3 - 12,000RPM - FMB16

Omega Products Bridgeport Face Mill Arbors (R8) - G6.3 - 12,000RPM

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Bridgeport Face Mill Arbors are the perfect tool for securely holding face mills in your milling machine. These high-quality arbors are specifically designed to fit Bridgeport milling machines with a maximum speed of 12,000RPM, providing a secure and reliable grip on your face mills.

Product SKU Taper Spigot Size Balance Price Stock
OM31318 R8 16 G6.3@12000RPM £33.56 5
OM31319 R8 22 G6.3@12000RPM £33.56 20
OM31320 R8 27 G6.3@12000RPM £33.56 4
OM31321 R8 32 G6.3@12000RPM £33.56 3