Omega Products Clutch Drive Ring - For Combi Shell Mill Holders - 16mm

Omega Products Clutch Drive Rings - For Combi Shell Mill Holders

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Omega Products Clutch Drive Rings are specifically designed for use with Combi Shell Mill Holders, providing a reliable and secure connection between the holder and the cutting tool. These clutch drive rings are precision-engineered to ensure optimal power transmission and torque transfer, enabling efficient and accurate machining operations. Made from high-quality materials, they offer durability and resistance to wear, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding machining environments. The clutch drive rings are easy to install and provide a tight and stable grip on the cutting tool, minimizing any potential slippage or vibration during operation. With Omega Products Clutch Drive Rings, users can confidently rely on their tooling setup to deliver consistent and precise results.

Product SKU Pilot Diameter Price Stock
OM16313 16 £13.09 9
OM16315 22 £16.67 4
OM16317 27 £16.67 5
OM16319 32 £20.23 7
OM16321 40 £23.80 2