Omega Products ER20 Collet Set Standard Precision - 10 Micron Run-Out - 12 Pieces

Omega Products ER20 Collet Sets - 11 - 12 Pieces

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The Omega Products ER20 Collet Set is a comprehensive collection of collets designed to fit ER20 collet chucks. This set typically includes 11 to 12 collets, providing a wide range of sizes to accommodate various tool diameters. Each collet is precision-engineered to deliver a secure and accurate grip on the tool, minimizing runout and ensuring optimal machining performance. The ER20 collet design provides exceptional clamping force, ensuring reliable tool retention and reducing the risk of slippage during operation.

Product SKU Type Collet Size Collet Range Accuracy Price Stock
OM32183 Standard Precision Set ER20 2-13mm (12pcs) 10 Micron £74.24 33
OM32185 Ultra Precision Set ER20 2-13mm (12pcs) 5 Micron £150.69 6
OM32522 Standard Sealed Set ER20 3-13mm (13pcs) 10 Micron £201.38 3
OM33576 High Pressure Sealed Set ER20 3-13mm (13pcs) 10 Micron £241.87 5