Toolex Reamers - Straight Shank - Spiral Flute - HSS-E - 0.65mm

Toolex Reamers - Straight Shank - Spiral Flute - HSS-E - 0.65mm - 13.20mm

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Toolex Reamers with straight shank and spiral flute are a reliable and efficient solution for precision hole enlarging and finishing operations. These reamers are made from high-speed steel with cobalt (HSS-E) construction, ensuring excellent durability and heat resistance. The spiral flute design allows for efficient chip evacuation, reducing the risk of chip build-up and improving cutting performance. With their straight shank design, these reamers can easily be held in various tool holding systems, providing flexibility and compatibility with different machining setups. Toolex Reamers are known for their accuracy and consistent performance, delivering precise and smooth holes with tight tolerances. Whether you need to enlarge existing holes or achieve a specific diameter, these spiral flute reamers are a reliable choice for a wide range of materials and applications.

Product SKU Substrate Taper Diameter Overall Length Flute Length Reach Shank Diameter Number of Flutes Price Stock
A00650AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.65 35 10 N/A 1.2 4 £29.20 2
A00660AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.66 35 10 N/A 1.2 4 £29.20 2
A00670AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.67 35 10 N/A 1.2 4 £29.20 2
A00680AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.68 35 10 N/A 1.2 4 £29.20 2
A00690AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.69 35 10 N/A 1.2 4 £29.20 2
A00700AAR HSS-E Straight Shank 0.70 35