Vortex Boring Bar Carbide Shank - 95 DEG Through Coolant - For CCMT0602/CCGT0602 Inserts - E08K-SCLCR06

Vortex Boring Bars Carbide Shank - 95 DEG Through Coolant - For CCMT/CCGT Inserts (E-SCLCR)

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These boring bars feature a sturdy carbide shank that provides excellent rigidity and vibration absorption, ensuring optimal cutting performance and dimensional accuracy. The through coolant feature allows for effective chip evacuation, reducing heat build-up and extending tool life. Designed for use with CCMT/CCGT0602 inserts, these bars offer a secure and reliable tooling solution for a wide range of machining applications. The 95 DEG angle enhances chip flow and minimizes cutting forces, resulting in improved surface finish and reduced machining time. Whether you're working on small-scale projects or high-volume production, Vortex Boring Bars with Carbide Shank and through coolant capability deliver outstanding performance and reliability, making them an ideal choice for precision boring operations.

Product SKU ISO Code Type Through Coolant Shank Diameter Insert Type Locking System Hand Minimum Bore Overall Length Price Stock
PRO1600230 E08K SCLCR06 Carbide Shank Yes 8 CC** 0602 Screw Right 10 125 £50.52 30
PRO1600231 E10K SCLCR06 Carbide Shank Yes 10 CC** 0602 Screw Right 13 125 £69.00 10
PRO1600232 E12M SCLCR06 Carbide Shank Yes 12 CC** 0602 Screw Right 16 150 £111.00 17
PRO1600233 E16R SCLCR09 Carbide Shank Yes 16 CC** 09T3 Screw Right 20 200 £169.32 1
PRO1600234 E16S SCLCR09 Carbide Shank Yes 16 CC** 09T3 Screw Right 20 250 £221.58 9
PRO1600235 E20S SCLCR09 Carbide Shank Yes 20 CC** 09T3 Screw Right 25 250 £212.30 7
PRO1600236 E25T SCLCR09 Carbide Shank Yes 25 CC** 09T3 Screw Right 31 300 £471.30 0