Vortex Boring Bar Clamp Lock - Steel Shank 95 Deg - For CNMG1204 Inserts - S20Q-MCLNR12

Vortex Boring Bars Clamp Lock - Steel Shank 95 Deg - For CNMG Inserts (MCLNR/L)

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Equipped with a clamp lock mechanism, these boring bars securely hold CNMG inserts in place, reducing vibrations and ensuring efficient cutting action. The 95-degree angle offers versatility and allows for precise and smooth boring operations. Whether you're engaged in turning, facing, or chamfering tasks, these boring bars deliver the rigidity and precision required for optimal performance.

Product SKU ISO Code Type Through Coolant Shank Diameter Insert Type Locking System Hand Minimum Bore Overall Length Price Stock
PRO1600130 S20QMCLNR12 Steel Shank No 20 CN** 1204 Clamp Right 25 180 £31.56 4
PRO1600131 S25RMCLNR12 Steel Shank No 25 CN** 1204 Clamp Right 32 200 £33.00 4
PRO1600132 S32SMCLNR12 Steel Shank No 32 CN** 1204 Clamp Right 41 250 £48.00 0
PRO1600133 S40TMCLNR12 Steel Shank No 40 CN** 1204 Clamp Right 50 300 £82.44 0