Vortex Boring Bar Screw Clamp - 93 Deg Steel Shank - For DCMT0702/DCGT0702 Inserts - S08K-SDUCR07

Vortex Boring Bars Screw Clamp - 93 Deg Steel Shank - For DCMT/DCGT Inserts (SDUCR/L)

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These boring bars offer a 93-degree angle, providing optimal accessibility and versatility for a wide range of machining applications. The screw clamp mechanism ensures a secure and reliable hold on the inserts, allowing for precise and stable cutting operations. With its robust steel shank, these boring bars deliver excellent durability and strength, enabling consistent and reliable performance. The 93-degree angle allows for efficient facing, profiling, and turning operations, making it suitable for various machining tasks. The screw clamp design ensures easy and quick insert changes, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Product SKU ISO Code Type Through Coolant Shank Diameter Insert Type Locking System Hand Minimum Bore Overall Length Price Stock
PRO1600178 S08KSDUCR07 Steel Shank No 8 DC** 0702 Screw Right 13 125 £15.78 0
PRO1600179 S10KSDUCR07 Steel Shank No 10 DC** 0702 Screw Right 15 125 £15.78 0
PRO1600180 S12MSDUCR07 Steel Shank No 12 DC** 0702 Screw Right 17 150 £17.22 8
PRO1600181 S16QSDUCR07 Steel Shank No 16 DC** 0702 Screw Right 22 180 £20.10 0
PRO1600182 S20QSDUCR11 Steel Shank No 20 DC** 11T3 Screw Right 32 180 £21.54 0
PRO1600183 S25RSDUCR11 Steel Shank No 25 DC** 11T3 Screw Right 39 200 £25.86 2