Vortex Mini Boring Bar - Steel Shank - For 06IRTURN Inserts - S06HSWUBR06

Vortex Mini Boring Bars - Steel Indexable - For 06IRTURN Inserts (SWUBR06)

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Vortex Mini Boring Bars are a versatile and reliable tool for precision machining applications. Designed to accommodate 06IRTURN inserts, these steel indexable bars offer excellent cutting performance and durability. The compact size of the bars allows for easy access to tight spaces and intricate workpieces, making them ideal for small-scale projects or applications that require intricate details. The indexable design allows for easy and quick insert changes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. With their high-quality steel construction, these bars provide the necessary rigidity and stability to ensure accurate and consistent machining results.

Product SKU ISO Code Type Through Coolant Shank Diameter Insert Type Locking System Hand Minimum Bore Overall Length Price Stock
PRO1600201 S06H SWUBR06 Steel Shank No 6 06 IR TURN Screw Right 6.5 100 £30.00 0
PRO1600202 S08K SWUBR06 Steel Shank No 8 06 IR TURN Screw Right 8.6 125 £30.00 0