Vcoil UNF STI-Taps Thread Repair Kit, set of 2pcs Wire Thread Inserts 1.5D - 1.1/8x12

Vcoil UNF STI-Taps Thread Repair Kits, sets of 2pcs Wire Thread Inserts 1.5D

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Our thread repair solution is designed to effectively restore damaged or worn-out threads, boasting Thread Armour Plating specifically crafted for materials with low shear strength. It offers the added benefit of recovering rejected items while providing new, highly stable, and long-lasting internal threads, making it perfect for maintenance, installation, and small series production. With Wire Thread Inserts DIN 8140, tolerance ISO 2 (6H), Type S, made from stainless steel, the application is flexible, catering to dimensions up to M12. We ensure high stock availability for both standard and special dimensions, ideal for hand thread cutting. This solution not only enhances load capacity post-repair but also exhibits excellent properties in terms of temperature and corrosion resistance. All of these features are thoughtfully presented in an attractive and functional presentation case for your convenience.

Product SKU Size Tap Hexagon Drive Wire Inserts 1.5XD Inserts QTY Price Stock
TC-04136 1.1/8x12 03166 08060 08396 10 £285.60 0
TC-04137 1.1/4x12 03167 08061 08397 10 £315.00 0
TC-04138 1.3/8x12 03168 08062 08398 10 £352.80 0
TC-04139 1.1/2x12 03169 08063 08399 10 £422.10 0